Re: [Evolution] Undesired IMAP account

On Mon, 2012-07-23 at 14:03 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote: 
On Sun, 2012-07-01 at 16:59 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote: 
No need, it's already fixed in 3.5.3. 
The Delete button is now disabled for accounts bound to GNOME Online
Accounts.  They have to be deleted through the GNOME System Settings
capplet (or whatever we're calling it these days). 
Hm, that isn't ideal. How hard would it be to *make* the delete button
work? Or at least make it pop up a warning saying why the account can't
be deleted? Having to go and do it elsewhere isn't very discoverable.
It's exactly the kind of thing that users hate.
"This just got harder for you because we're making things easier for
you" :)

It seems to me that disabling the delete button for those accounts is
the correct thing to do.

Making delete-account elaborate would be optimizing a rare operation,
IMHO.  How often do users create / delete mail accounts? Hopefully that
is very uncommon.   GNOME-Online-Accounts specifically automates that,
so if you use GOA there isn't much need at all to define custom accounts
[except that GOA, itself, may not be very easily extensible;  it appears
the only way to implement/publish a service is GOA is by writing C...]

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