Re: [Evolution] Evolution crashes

Hi Sachin,

On Wed, 2012-07-18 at 13:03 +0530, Sachin Joshi wrote:
I am using evolution for last 5-6 years for my work with UBUNTU.
Recently after update to ubuntu to 12.04 i find no support for email
client bugs.

Not sure what "finding no support" means. Assuming that you mean that
the default mail client in Ubuntu 12.04 is Thunderbird instead of

 The main problem is while searching in current account the mail
client crashes.

Assuming that you talk about Evolution version 3.2 as that is available
by default for Ubuntu 12.04. For future reference, please mention the
application version (Help > About).
If Evolution crashes, please provide file a bug report and provide a
stacktrace, either in the bug tracker of your distribution at , or at after reading .

 only search in current folder works fine.
The compatibility of the calnder events with othe clients like outlook
is very poor.

Please define "very poor" by elaborating on the problems.

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