Re: [Evolution] filter processing stops after 1st filter executes

On 2012-07-10, Milan Crha <mcrha redhat com> wrote:

the code [1] suggests it's intentional, once you use a move,
the filtering is stopped automatically.

That is a very important piece of information.  How misleading the app
is.  The action should be renamed as "move AND stop processing".

So I have verified what you said, and removed the 'move' action from
the first filter.  Then I could see in the logs that each message no
longer ends with "stop processing".

HOWEVER, it still fails.  Even though the logs show that processing no
longer stops at the end of the filter, it stops anyway.  So the log
for message looks something like this:

  - match all messages
  - colorize the message
  - mark it as read

And then.. nothing.  It simply ignores the other filters that follow
regardless, even though it has supposedly not stopped processing.

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