Re: [Evolution] evolution without gnome/gnome panel - how to get a tray icon?

Hello Fábio!

        I use Evolution over KDE  (Fedora 17)  and it has no tray icon.  Even over Gnome 3 there's no tray icon.  Alarms works and everything is fine but you can't see any icon.

Now, I have a question, hope you don't get offended.  Why do you want a tray icon?


El vie, 06-07-2012 a las 17:29 -0300, Fábio escribió:
(once again, I think my first email didn't pass)

hello, guys,

I'm Fábio, nice to meet you.

coming from claws-mail to Evolution, very nice soft, so far. thanks for

now, my problem is, I don't get a tray icon, since I don't use gnome

I tried to built Evolution Tray, which seams to be unmaintained, without
I tried Evolution Tray git version, wich builds fine, but causes
evolution to crash on startup.

So, how do I get an icon?
Is evolution tray recomended, or is there another way?

Thank's a lot

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