[Evolution] EVO crashes when editing Contacts

I'm running Evolution v3.2.2 on Mint-12 and cannot edit contacts.
I can open and display contacts applet and select one entry to edit.
I can make changes of any sort to the contact data form.
When I select OK, evolution crashes.

Many readers will suggest that I get a new-er edition of EVO.
I'd love to.  However, it is not in the repositories for Mint-12
or for Ubuntu v11.10.  I've tried to fetch and build the new one
but there are <hyperbole>hundreds of dependencies</hyperbole>
that are needed as well.  I'm a technical guy, but not comfortable
with all of the various libraries and parts that I must update
to accomplish the build. 

<sound="beggar tin cup rattling"> 
Perhaps someone can walk me through what I need to do in a way
that will not drive a stake into my running Mint-12 workstation.

Thanks in advance,
~~~ 0;-Dan

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