Re: [Evolution] Sending photos from digKam: "Skipping suspicious attachment"

On Mon, 2012-06-25 at 12:39 +0200, Dan Vratil wrote:
KDE still uses ~/.kde quite a lot - nearly all apps that are part of KDE 
distribution have their configuration and tmp folders there.

 Also, some distributions prefer ~/.kde4 (for historical reasons to avoid 
conflict with ~/.kde used by KDE 3 which is incompatible with KDE 4 configs), so 
if you are going to whitelist ~/.kde (used by Fedora), please add ~/.kde4 
(used by ArchLinux for instance) too.

Following up on this before it slips my mind completely.  I've added
~/.kde and ~/.kde4 to the mailto attachment directory white-list for
Evolution 3.4.4 and 3.5.4.

Matthew Barnes

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