Re: [Evolution] Where are emails stored?

On Wed, 2012-01-04 at 20:24 +0000, Ray Parkin wrote:
Thanks for your reply.  I have inserted answers, as far as I know
them, below each of your questions.
On Wed, 2012-01-04 at 13:51 -0500, Adam Tauno Williams wrote: 
Quoting Ray Parkin <rayparkin macace net>:
At present, I am using Linux Mint 10 with Evolution as my email client.
Really?  Why not say what version of **Evolution** you are using.
It's Evolution Mail, version 2.30.3.  As it's for Linux Mint, it
should be the same coding as for Ubuntu. 

That is pretty old.  I believe you'll find everything under
~/.evolution.  Although just using the Backup/Restore feature is
probably best - you'll almost certainly be advancing to a more current
version.  The FAQ "Where does Evolution store my data?" is correct.

Although you still didn't specify what type of mail account we are
talking about;  the above is true for the default local/POP account.

I will be transferring to Debian 6 but, before I do, I need to locate my
emails so that I can save them then install them on the new system.
However, I cannot find the folder on the hard drive where they are
Depends on the version of Evolution and how you have the account  
configured.  Provide that information.
Version number as above.  Which aspects of the configuration do you
need to know? 

You can make a variety of mail accounts: POP, Maildir, MH, mbox, IMAP,
IMAPX, Groupwise, Exchange [even a couple of ways to do that, depends on
the version].

The Evolution pre/post 3.x moved the data store around quite a bit.   
The latest versions follow the XDG standard for locating data in  
Just tried this; I just get told that it's a directory. 

?? It is a directory.

Why not just use the backup & restore feature built into Evolution?   
Not that this can only go forward versions, not backwards.
Backup and Restore are enabled, but I can only backup or restore
settings.  Does this include the mailboxes too?  And does it restore
them to their initial state (i.e. empty) or to their present state?
I hope that I provided enough information.

Maybe that is version dependent;  I have a backup restore option for
data.  But 2.3 was quite some time ago so I may remember incorrectly.

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