[Evolution] Blank or Blacked out text in various places

I'm running Evo 3.4.3 on Linux Mint, with Mate.

1) Since the install some months ago, I have never been able to see the details in the 'Header/Address bar' with the exception of just the email links nothing else. Its all Black!?

2) The other problem is when the cursor selects the email received (From, subject line etc) prior to viewing it int he preview window - the whole line is Blacked out - noting is visible under it?

3) When I forward a text email - the page is blank, (except anything I type) however as I try to select with the cursor - it will show black "blocking" (Blocking =Left click and hold and move mouse over it) over anywhere that has some text at the location on the page! Cant see it, and still cant read it!?

Normal incoming text, images etc - no issues.

Anyone come across this and can help? Thanks in advance and of course - Merry Christmas ya all! :)

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