Re: [Evolution] bus error causing crashes

On Sat, 2012-12-15 at 07:11 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
using Debian Sid/unstable with Evolution 3.4.4 (but happened since
3.4.x), wanting to reply to some message, Evolution often crashes due to
a Âbus errorÂ. Does somebody experience something similar?
I think that is a euphamism for a segmentation fault.
No, they are different things - a seg fault is when a program attempts
to access a memory segment it doesn't own and a bus error is when a
program attempts to access memory beyond the capabilities of the
machine.  Both are caused by similar things, such as dereferencing
invalid pointers, but bus errors sometimes point to hardware problems.

Does 3.4.x do something different regarding caches / databases than 3.6?
I don't show folders.db, etc... as memory mapped for my running 3.6
[fuser will tell you if an open file is memory mapped or not].

The only memory mapped 'data' files I see are:
  /home/awilliam/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/home-897372f8.log (deleted)
  /home/awilliam/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/home (deleted)
  /home/awilliam/.config/dconf/user (deleted)
  ... and a few font files?

See /proc/{evolutionPID}/maps

Will a backtrace record a SIG-BUS?  I don't know that I've ever had to
deal with a memory-map issue outside of a straight-up bug.


Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam whitemice org>

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