Re: [Evolution] How to triage server vs evolution bug?

On Tue, 2012-12-18 at 15:52 -0500, Peter Hurley wrote:
Right. duh. So that just leaves the multiple junk and trash folders in
evo but not the on the server...

Speak of the devil...

commit 1fd3da8927177ed0517abeaf3c7a29611d64546f
Author: Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com>
Date:   Mon Dec 17 11:14:44 2012 -0500

    IMAPX: Support non-virtual Junk/Trash folders.
    Some webmail clients designate specific IMAP folders as Junk and Trash,
    such that when a message is deleted or determined to be spam, a copy of
    the message is appended to the designated folder, the original message
    is flagged as DELETED and the folder containing the original message is
    immediately expunged.
    This is significantly more expensive than simply flagging the message as
    DELETED or JUNK.  But users that access their mail by both Evolution and
    webmail frequently complain of seeing what appear to be duplicate Junk
    and Trash folders in Evolution [1].
    This commit allows IMAPX stores to be configured to mimic these webmail
    clients and hide their Junk and Trash virtual folders.  IMAPX will mimic
    the "copy-and-expunge" webmail client behavior each time it's commanded
    to synchronize message flags with the server.
    [1] So much so that it earned its own page in the user manual:

Happy Holidays

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