[Evolution] All folders gone!

Evo 3.2.3 under Ubuntu 12.04

Just now I started Evo, and when it came up, no folders were displayed;
none. Even more disturbing, when I tapped "SEND/RECEIVE" to download
the current messages from my server's spool, it reported fetching 18
messages, but none of them appeared on the screen. 

I have poked around all over this thing to see if there's some switch I
might have inadvertently invoked to hide all 20-some of my folders with
their probably three or four thousand accumulated messages. I've
rebooted. I cannot come up with anything promising.

I am subscribed to the list, but if I can't see the messages I'm
receiving, they won't help me much. If anyone has any helpful
suggestions, please send them to my little-used alternate address,

<wbg45 yahoo com>

Thanks very much for any assistance you can offer.

 W. Brewster Gillett            bg fdi us            Portland, OR  USA
 Simply because you don't like to hear it, that doesn't make it untrue.

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