[Evolution] Airplay for 8 Evo enhancement requests

Hi all,

Now that the Evo 3.6 development period seems to be underway, I'm going
to post a short list of the Evo enhancement requests in bugzilla that
stand out for me the most.

There's roughly 73 open and 105 resolved bugs - a superb ratio - in
bugzilla for Evo that I've got bookmarked, either from mentally going
"+1", or from logging.

For the open ones, my very subjective "top 8" Evo enhancement requests

Mail: Spell check does not spell check an email's subject line [Probably
blocked by the WebKit composer transition?]

Mail: Replying to a message in my sent-mail makes myself the recipient

Calendar: Drag & drop for moving events in month + week view [day view
and "work week" view already have this]

Task/memo/cal: Undo function for edits to tasks, notes, appointments.

Mail: Remote images in HTML emails very slow to load and display, blocks
display of email until completed.[Unsure if this is affected by WebKit?]

Calendar: Add spell check for calendar meetings.

Task/memo/cal: Do not close Tasks on save. [also calendar items + memos]

Mail: reply in plain text quote the HTML part [HTML reply to HTML mail]


Obviously data-loss/crash bugs & the like are more severe than the
above, and I don't mean to imply otherwise. I'm fortunate that I rarely
experience crashes, so instead these are rough edges and gotchas that
the majority of new Evo users are likely to encounter in their first few
weeks of use, hence the desire to give them a bit of airplay and

-- All the best,

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