Re: [Evolution] how to update EVO outside of distro packages

Can someone steer me to a good set of instructions to fetch and
install the latest stable Evolution (v3.4.1 ?) and all of its parts
replacing my current software suite and leaving my data intact?

Google for "building gnome evolution" - you'll get a few hits such as

I don't know how up to date they are though.

You'll probably also have to compile various Gnome 3.4 components as

I'm running EVO v3.2.2 from a DEB package that came from the Linux
Mint-12 and *-buntu repositories.  This will make it easy to remove
what is already there, but I have no idea how to do the full install
from non-repository parts.

Building a complex piece of software such as Evo from scratch is not
really something for an inexperienced person - there will be lots of
dependencies you have to satisfy and if you aren't sure what you are
doing you will get yourself (and your system) into a mess!


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