Re: [Evolution] How to change a calendar password?

I realize Fedora 13 is old, but is there any chance a newer version of
Evolution will be put into yum which fixes this bug?  Not that critical,
since I obviously have an easy way to update the password now, but I
thought I would ask.

That's not an Evolution problem!  The contents of the yum repositories
is down to the distro, so it would be up to Fedora to do it.  Two
problems though - first F13 is an obsolete distro, so there is not a
hope in hell of getting anyone anywhere to officially provide the
necessary RPMs; second, the most recent version of Evo requires Gnome 3,
so not only would you need an updated Evo, but also all the dependent
Gnome RPMs.

Upgrade to Fedora 15 - or wait until November and get Fedora 16.


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