Re: [Evolution] How to change a calendar password?

On Mon, 2011-09-26 at 13:53 -0400, Adam Stein wrote:
Running Evolution v2.30.3 on a Fedora 13 system.

I have Evolution connect to my MS Outlook calendar using CalDAV via
davmail (3.9.4).  We are required to change the password every so many
days.  How can I update Evolution with the new password?  Right now, it
just uses the old password and fails authentication.  The properties
window lets you change anything except associated password.

Short of deleting the old calendar and recreating it, is there an easy
way to set or have Evolution ask for a new password?

it was a bug in the code. Evolution should ask you for a new password
when its authentication fails. It was fixed since 2.30.3, the current
stable 3.0.3, and the upcoming stable 3.2.0 has it fixed for sure.

You can workaround it by deleting the respective password from your
password storage. If you use Gnome keyring, then run seahorse and delete
the password from there, otherwise check ~/.gnome2_private/Evolution,
where a password for that site can be found. The worse option is to use
File->Forget passwords menu option, but it forgets all your passwords.

By any chance, did you try to disable/enable the calendar? I'm not sure
whether it deletes the password or not, though.

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