[Evolution] How to change a calendar password?

Running Evolution v2.30.3 on a Fedora 13 system.

I have Evolution connect to my MS Outlook calendar using CalDAV via
davmail (3.9.4).  We are required to change the password every so many
days.  How can I update Evolution with the new password?  Right now, it
just uses the old password and fails authentication.  The properties
window lets you change anything except associated password.

Short of deleting the old calendar and recreating it, is there an easy
way to set or have Evolution ask for a new password?

Adam Stein @ HCL America Inc.        Email: adam ppdev mc xerox com

Disclaimer: Any/All views expressed
here have been proven to be my own.  [http://www.csh.rit.edu/~adam/]

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