Re: [Evolution] libgdk-3.0.dll was not found (Experimental Windows Version 3.0.2)

Thanks for the help Patryk.

I also had to get the dll files from the mingw32-cairo RPM as well.

Now Evolution starts but I get the following error:-

"Evolution's local mail format has changed from mbox to Maildir. Your local mail must be migrated to the new format before Evolution can proceed. Do you want to migrate now?

An mbox account will be created to preserve the old mbox folders. You can delete the account after ensuring the data is safely migrated. Please make sure there is enough disk space if you choose to migrate now."

Whatever I select Evolution closes.

I suppose I should declare this thread solved and start a new one.

Fred Philpott
IQ Instruments CC
South Africa

On 2011/09/09 20:37, Patryk Benderz wrote:
Any ideas where I can start?
Enter string "libgdk-3.0.dll download" into your favourite search
engine. Download this library from some place... maybe here:
...and install it to your OS

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