Re: [Evolution] Cannot get folder 'Sent': folder does not exist.

after upgrading my Debian box I started getting this error message
everytime I send an e-mail

Your message was sent, but an error occurred during post-processing.

The reported error was "Failed to append to
mbox:/home/jmf/.local/share/evolution/mail/local#Sent: Cannot get folder
'Sent': folder does not exist.
Appending to local 'Sent' folder instead.".

evolution                            3.0.2-1
evolution-common                     3.0.2-1

Immediately after upgrading, when I started evolution I got a message
saying something about "I need to make some conversion..." which I

Is there something wrong ?

Can I make the message stop appearing ?

This error (and bug) has been discussed frequently on this list - for

This is my last answer to it:

        There's a bug in the Evo upgrade process.  You need to go to Edit ->
        Preferences -> <mail account> -> Edit -> Defaults and reselect the Sent
        and Drafts folders - you need to do it even if they already point to the
        correct place. This will get rid of the message.

The bug has been fixed in 3.0.3

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