Re: [Evolution] Evolution calendar dreadfully slow

On Sun, 2011-10-09 at 11:41 -0400, carpetnailz researchintegration org

Evolution itself doesn't use Beagle, it uses it's own internal searches.
Beagle is a desktop search thing and AFAIK F15 doesn't install Beagle.
It may be that that particular file is a left over from a long time ago
- try moving it somewhere else to see if it makes a difference.

Back to this issue. I've moved the old Beagle file out of the way. This
seems to have sped things up somewhat but not completely.

If I open Evo directly to the calendar => 50 sec + another 7 seconds to open a new appt.
Move back to Calendar from Mail and open new appt: 13 sec.

Open Evo to mail: 5 sec.
Then to Calendar and open new appt: 40 sec  

11 sec to open new appt once in calendar.

These still seem like excessive times. So I'm wondering if my
calendar.ics file is too big--6.2MB, going back about 6 years.

If it's too big, can someone advise me how to start over with a new
small file yet keep this file accessible for when I need to check old


Correction: 'for when I need to check old appointments'...

Evolution hung for me at one point and I tried to shut it down. But each
time I tried to end the e-calendar-factory, it seemed to spawn a new
process. Maybe that's what's supposed to happen?

Anyway, I rebooted my Fedora 15 box. It seems that both the
e-calendar-factory and the e-addressbook-factory start at startup. But
what seems strange is that the e-calendar-factory, right at startup and
before I start Evolution, is using 83.5 MiB of memory. That seems very
strange. Even if it has to put my entire calendar.ics into memory,
that's only 6.2 MB.

Thanks for any insight/help.

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