Re: [Evolution] send mail problem with evolution

On Wed, 2011-11-16 at 06:26 -0800, glennt wrote:
Thanks Pete
In reply, IMO POP mail finishes up (w/new mail in inbox) and then the send
mail starts with a very small sliver of progress on the bar...then nothing. 
Message(s) are in outbox, but go nowhere.  Flush produces same hang.
Evolution is configured for SMTP mail sending and I have not messed with
'sendmail'.  Shut off the fire wall to no effect but have not tried an SE
Linux shutdown.  However, the SE log is clean.

If you aren't using sendmail then don't worry about SELinux - it won't
be the problem.

  Will post again with results
but if you think of something else please post.  I keep thinking I messed up
the SMTP configuration somehow but have checked it a hundred
there are no error message(s) of any kind being generated that I can find. 
As a sidebar, the 'check server for supported login types' found in the edit
account function returns info for my POP server, but does nothing (hangs)
for the SMTP server....which may or may not be significant. 

It certainly sounds as though your SMTP config is wrong.  Check with
your ISP (or whoever handles your mail) what the correct SMTP config is,
including port numbers.

If you are feeling brave you can use telnet to test the connectivity -
in a shell, try something like

  telnet 25

and it should come back with a version banner - obviously change to the correct host, and you could also try port 587
instead of 25.  To exit cleanly just type 'quit'.

This may give you an idea of where the problem is.

 If the version
number doesn't look right, I messed it up!....sorry, I am not on my Linux
box to check (its a pain not being able to send mail!).

Sure, I was just checking - versiom 2.23 is an old development version
and very likely unstable; version 2.32 is a (not so) old but stable


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