Re: [Evolution] Build contact list from inbox

On Wed, 2011-05-18 at 09:29 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:

Can I configure Evolution to autocomplete e-mail addresses based on the
addresses in my inbox?  Preferably, I'd like to filter out the list to
exclude e-mails from mailing lists, spam, etc.  Alternatively, is there
a (free, as in cost :) tool which can extract sender e-mail addresses so
I can edit and import into Evolution?

Evolution can generate automatic contacts - what this means is that it
will create an entry in the "Autogenerated" addressbook for each person
you send an email to.  Just make sure that the autogenerated list is
enabled for autocompletion.  I understand that this is not exactly what
you are asking for - it takes a while for the autogenerated list to get
sufficient entries to be useful.  But personally I think it's better,
and certainly more efficient, than extracting things from the inbox.


Thanks for the reply Pete.  I think I will enable the autogenerated
address book feature and possibly search for free ways to export this
from Outlook and import into Evolution.


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