Re: [Evolution] evoulution functionality

First rule: Evolution is not Outlook.  If you want the same
functionality as Outlook, use Outlook.  Evolution does things
differently by design - sometimes it's better, sometimes it's not, and
the differentiation between those depends on personal opinion.

(Second rule, always tell us what version of Evo you are using - it's a
developing piece of software and things change)

Forwarding messages -- images "embedded" in the message body don't
forward.  I went to the different forums and, I guess, there are answers
to this problem, but why should I have to mess with something so basic??
I came to Linux and Evolution to get away from arbitrary functionality
decisions and have, apparently, ran into one already. 

It depends on (a) how those images are embedded and (b) how the messages
are forwarded.

If the message is HTML formatted with references to images on the net
(or embedded as mime attachments), then forwarding the message in-line
or quoted in a plain text email will loose the external references to
images (the references are HTML).  Changing the format of the email to
HTML should over come this.

Forwarding messages with attached images should work fine for both
in-line and quoted formats (either in plain text or HTML) - it certainly
works for me.

Finally forwarding messages as an attachment should preserve all images
whether referenced, embedded or attached.

I have an older machine with Ubuntu/Evolution on it.  I un-installed
Evolution from that machine; now it won't let me reinstall it. That
feels like something from the American state of Washington, Seattle

That's a packaging issue from the distro and nothing to do with
Evolution as such.  I suppose ultimately it depends how you uninstalled
it and what version you are trying to re-install - you would have to ask
the Ubuntu lists about it.

I worked with Unix for years, in industrial distributed control systems,
and know it is very stable, but to be usable by more than "geek" types,
it has to at least as good as the above mentioned other supplier of
software.  I am not seeing that!!

That's a personal opinion.  I use both Outlook and Evolution (and
Thunderbird) - I will come back to Evo every time - if I want to look at
emails I will turn on my Linux box to do so even if I already have my
Windows machine running.  If Outlook is your benchmark, then you are
NEVER going to be happy with Evolution; if Evolution is your benchmark
then you will NEVER be happy with Outlook. They are different.


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