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Sent: Thu, 16 June, 2011 19:37:30
Subject: Re: [Evolution] restore evolution mail

> Ubuntu and a few other distros are gateway's into a very unfamiliar
> world for most people.  Most people are not used to free-markets or
> democracies especially in desktop computing.  Biologists might have
> some understanding of separate entities working together but then they
> probably don't have any good reason to try alternatives to MS.

Most biologists use Macs...

> The lame, pathetic attitude i have seen in this thread is exactly the
> sort of thing that helps kill-off projects like Evolution.

It gets distinctly tedious when you read, for the Nth time in a day,
messages like "I'm running Farty Ferret and my email doesn't work, can
you fix it".

>  Try being welcoming and then people might take an interest in your
> project

"Your project"?  Nothing to do with us.  We're just community minded
citizens giving back some of things we've found out.

>  and perhaps learn a bit about it.

It's not normal that they want to learn.

If anyone reads this list for more than a couple of days they will see
lots of people asking posters for their Evolution version number - but
amazingly they seem to think that it's not important when they post a

We are normally extremely polite on this mailing list - certainly a lot
more so than on some (you should see the CentOS list!).  But it can come
to a point where one of us cracks.  It happened to be Patrick this time,
but I've come close to ranting about in the past.

We do not want in any way to alienate a section of the Linux community,
but it's a two way thing - they are pissing us off at the moment.


Hi :)
It would help if Evo documentation wasn't so ancient and irrelevant.  If downstream documentation was able to have good links to stuff that got updated then less people would be forced to use your lists.  Some projects organise forums and have advice for 1st time posters. 

If you can't cope with answering questions on the list then trying to kill off the project you claim to care about is not the only option.  Take a break for a couple of days.  Perhaps think about what you are doing wrong that keeps on creating the same problems.  Step up!
Regards from
Tom :)

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