Re: [Evolution] delete from trash

On Tue, 2011-06-14 at 09:51 -0500, Arthur Machlas wrote:
I'm not sure I'm subscribed, so please cc me on replies.

You can verify you're on the list by visiting the URL at the end of
every message.

Is this move to a new format related to the fact that I can't empty my
trash for a local pop folder if I'm working offline? It's an annoying
new 'feature'.

What version of Evo?

What new format are you talking about? This is ambiguous unless we know
the Evo version.

What does "can't empty trash" mean? You get an error? The action appears
to work but nothing happens? It appears to work but something unexpected

Remember that Trash is not a real folder but a virtual folder, even when
associated with a POP account.


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