Re: [Evolution] Search folders and new messages

        On Fri, 2011-07-22 at 13:57 +0200, Fred J wrote:
        > ... TB also tends to render HTML mail a
        > lot more accurately.
        WebKit renderer is (slowly) comming! :)

I hope so.  So far, I'm enjoying Evo and am beginning to prefer it over

        On Fri, 2011-07-22 at 10:26 +0200, Fred J wrote:
        > But Ubuntu's messaging system tells me that I have two mails
        when, in
        > reality, there is only one (which appears in the inbox and
        > folder).
        > This can get confusing and isn't all that intuitive.  Where
        would this
        > problem lie, and how does one fix it?
        Ask on a Ubuntu list. This is not an Evolution problem.
Fair enough.  I didn't know that.

        Is it only when an email matches a search criterion?
Yes.  Correct.  If I remove the search folder, then everything works as

        > Out of interest, why would most of the people in this list not
        > Ubuntu?
        I can only answer for myself, but I find Ubuntu has the feel of
        a "toy"
        operating system - as if it was designed for the hobbyist end of
        market. I also dislike some of the fundamental design decisions.
        It has
        its place, and I'm not flaming people for using it - it's up to
        individual and nothing is perfect.  I just personally prefer
        that is much more suited to the environment I work in.
I'm a digital artist and ALMOST bought a Mac, but was converted to
Ubuntu when I saw its bling and security.  I'm no techie, so aesthetics
- combined with my powerful machine - appeal to me.  And a lot more
creatives are now using Ubuntu, as a result.  Which is a good thing. :-)

In conclusion, this may be an Ubuntu thing and not an Evo thing?

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