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Hi :)
Some people find Ubuntu, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, and other noob friendly or gateway distros to be too much about eye-candy and point&click making them quite "bloated" and difficult to get "under the bonnet".  Some people prefer different themes and styles and even at a deeper level each distro make choices which can then be modified or else just switch to a distro that does do things the way they prefer or is easier to modify to that way. 

An initial switch from Windows is a huge step but moving between different distros or even to Bsd is comparatively trivial.  Moving between distros is much less effort than moving between Xp, Vista and Windows 7 or 8.  The move from Mac is also quite a big move but less so as Mac also have things such as package managers and stuff. 

A lot of linux users start off with Ubuntu and then try other distros such as Mint, Mageia or head for the very pure Slackware or Arch, Gentoo or other distros that would be a nightmare for most beginners.  Quite a lot of Gnu&Linux users have more than one distro that they use quite a lot, often even on the same machine and often sharing the same data&settings (by sharing the /home by having it on a separate partition).  Different distros aim at different markets, such as tiny machines (netbooks or smaller) or at really powerful machines or different types of usages. 

The key thing for me was that once i had a Windows system up & running to move to another one would often mean hosing the one that did work with no guarantee that the new one would work.  With Gnu&Linux you can have a new one alongside the one that you have got working or even alongside Windows in a dual/multi-boot.  So if something works you can keep using it while taking the 'new' one for a test drive when you have time.

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I'm a digital artist and ALMOST bought a Mac, but was converted to
Ubuntu when I saw its bling and security.  I'm no techie, so aesthetics
- combined with my powerful machine - appeal to me.  And a lot more
creatives are now using Ubuntu, as a result.  Which is a good thing. :-)

In conclusion, this may be an Ubuntu thing and not an Evo thing?

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