Re: [Evolution] Evolution places quoted text in a table, when replying sometimes

As a work around, I normally:
- highlight the text in the table/cell press ctrl+c to copy it the the
- open a plain old text editor; 
- press ctrl+v to paste the text to the text editor; 
- go back to evolution's composer and delete the table (either by just
pressing delete until the I'm sure that it is gone or right clicking the
table and choosing the delete table option; 
- go back to the text editor and press ctrl+a, then ctrl+c to copy the
text to the clipboard without formatting;
- go to evolution's composer and press ctrl+shift+v to paste as quoted

You can sometimes get round it by highlighting the text you want to
reply to (but making sure it isn't all the text!) and then hitting reply
- Evo will then only copy the highlighted text into the reply window -
usually without the &*^&*^*ing HTML.


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