Re: [Evolution] Up to date exchange-Server-Backend info requested

On Thu, 2011-01-20 at 08:17 -0500, David Sampson wrote:
using Evolution to connect to a web exchange server.

What is the Exchange server version?

Many of the bugs related to exchange in Gnome Evolution seem to be old
and never get tasked to be tackled. Obviously no one has time or the
money to do this.

There is or .
The latter is basically dead as it only supports Microsoft Exchange
2000/2003 with OWA, as evolution-mapi supports Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003
and 2007 server via MAPI (as would Outlook).

If not, then I would like to know how I can be part of the solution by
providing information to the people who can fix the bug. many bug
reports end in "just don't use evolution and use XYZ".

Uh... examples?

* Although I use Ubuntu I don't think the packagers change anything. So
my version of Evolution 2.28.3 should be pretty stock.

There have been many fixes in 2.30 and 2.32.
2.28 is more than one year old, so the first step in getting involved by
reporting bug reports would be to run a recent version.

Maybe removal of bugs and copy the content over is required. I don't
know how to manage the bug log, but it seems a little unruly at present.

Reports never get removed, for the sake of having archives and
transparency. Version information in a bug report can provide a hint.

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