Re: [Evolution] Evolution && OutLook at the same time

If you are only using Outlook for the calendar connection to Exchange,
then have you looked at using DavMail - it acts as a connector between
CalDav clients and Exchange calendars (amongst many other things).  It

I could not get the Calendar stuff in Evo to work. When I accept some
invitation the date gets stored in my calendar but the mail does not go
out. I tried to figure this out and to debug it, but gave up at the end. 

What is DavMail and how does this fit with Evo?

DavMail is nothing to do with Evo, it's an Exchange gateway - it
connects to an Exchange server and provides IMAP, Caldav & LDAP access
to the data on the Exchange server. It's a Java program that runs on
your local machine.


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