Re: [Evolution] Evolution && OutLook at the same time

I run FreeBSD 8-CURRENT with Evo 2.24.5 in a VM on top of Win7 (don't
ask me why :-)). I would like to have my INBOX open at the same time
with Evo and with OutLook 2007 to use the Calendar function of OutLook;

You don't say what the server is ....

is this (parallel Evo/OutLook) somehow an issue in the sense that the
INBOX could get corrupt or whatever? 

No, it's fine - I have Evo connected via IMAP to an Exchange server and
occasionally have Outlook running via MAPI to the same server.  It all
works as expected.

If you are only using Outlook for the calendar connection to Exchange,
then have you looked at using DavMail - it acts as a connector between
CalDav clients and Exchange calendars (amongst many other things).  It


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