Re: [Evolution] Opening Evolution contact in address book freezes Evolution, Gnome

First time I tried to get the backtrace things had frozen too badly,
couldn't activate the terminal, had to kill from VT1 again. Second
time I managed it by being a bit quicker switching to the terminal.
Here's what was spit out from running BT after the freeze
## Begin BT output
## END BT output

I am reliably reproducing the error now, but exiting the program after
a succesfuly run in address book, (ie., when the address book is open
quit evolution) upon restarting the freeze occurs. It is not
recoverable except by killing the app from a VT.

Lot of gtk errors, so on a whim I'm going to switch engines to the
standard clearlooks. Running nodoko right now, and experienced crashed
previously by using the equinox theme engine. Not available on my
standard Debian Squeeze inst.

I'm running evolution Version: 2.30.3-5 on Debian Squeeze. Should
probably file a bug with my distro but I'll wait to hear what you
think about this and try switchign engines.

Well, I've removed all engines and can reliably reproduce freeze.
Workaround is to never close evolution when in address book. Just
switch to mail or something then close. Engine appears to have nothing
to do with it. I tried to get another bt, but you have to be so fast I
haven't been able to manage it yet. You have to switch away from
address book to the calendar, but as soon as you do that activate the
terminal running gdb or the whole session freezes until you switch to
a VT and kill evolution.

I've checked out your blog and so have a strong feeling you can advise
me whether a good idea to file a bug with Debian about this. I'm
thinking yes, but so close to release I'm reluctant to distract them
with this.


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