Re: [Evolution] IMAP problems with Sent and Trash

        Actually thinking about it - we've both got it wrong.  Remember
        "Trash" is a virtual folder in Evo - it just shows those
        messages marked
        as being deleted, it doesn't actually move any messages anywhere
        - that
        is totally compatible with the IMAP paradigm on deleted
        Gmail doesn't work like that - apparently the way it implements
        "deleted" flag is to remove all the labels from the mail.  The
        mail then
        isn't visible in your Inbox, nor is it in the virtual Trash
        (because it doesn't have a "deleted" flag).  However, and this
        important, the mail is still in your Gmail account - if you look
        in "All
        Mail" on Gmail then your deleted messages are still there, but
        any labels.
        The reason it sits there for a few seconds is that Evo at that
        point is
        showing its cached snapshot of the account - they disappear when
        syncs back to the server.
Okay, my Sent folder seems to be working, now.  But this Trash folder
confuses me.

The "On This Computer" tree is collapsed, since I'm accessing my mail
through the "Gmail" (IMAP+) tree, which is expanded.    In it, I'm
displaying only subscribed folders which, in this, are "[Google
Mail]" (and, by extension, "Drafts", "Sent Mail", "Starred", and "Bin" -
these are the precise folders as seen in Gmail).   For example, if I
click on "Starred", it will display the emails, in Gmail (browser), that
I starred.

That's all fine.

What confuses me is that Evo has a default "Trash" and "Junk" folder in
the root of the "Gmail" tree.  In other words, "[Google Mail]" has its
own tree (previous paragraph) within the "Gmail" tree in the sidebar.
If I collapsed "[Google Mail]", then all I'd see in the "Gmail" tree is
"inbox", "[Google Mail]", "junk", and "Trash".

Nothing seems to end up in "Junk" and, as I said, "whatever I delete
ends up in "Trash" for a few seconds (yet is still available via "Bin").
Ironically, right-clicking on "Trash" gives me an option to "Empty
Trash", despite nothing staying there for more than a second or two.

Any thoughts?

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