Re: [Evolution] IMAP problems with Sent and Trash

What confuses me is that Evo has a default "Trash" and "Junk" folder in
the root of the "Gmail" tree.  In other words, "[Google Mail]" has its
own tree (previous paragraph) within the "Gmail" tree in the sidebar.
If I collapsed "[Google Mail]", then all I'd see in the "Gmail" tree is
"inbox", "[Google Mail]", "junk", and "Trash".

The Trash and Junk folders are not real - they don't exist on Gmail,
they are virtual folders, they are put there by Evo, that's why they
have different icons.

When you delete a message in Evo, it is not removed, it is not moved to
a different folder, instead it is *marked* as deleted.  The Trash folder
in Evo just shows those messages that are marked as deleted, nothing is
actually moved to that folder, because it is a virtual folder.

BTW, make sure you are showing deleted mails (they appear in your Inbox
with a line through them) - go to the View menu and make sure you select
"Show deleted messages" (or unselect "Hide deleted messages").

Gmail doesn't implement the "deleted" flag, instead what it does is to
remove all labels from the mail, hence it doesn't appear anywhere other
than "All Mail".

Nothing seems to end up in "Junk" and,

Junk is a virtual folder that contains all messages marked as Junk/Spam
- Gmail does it's own Junk filtering and so nothing will appear there.

 as I said, "whatever I delete
ends up in "Trash" for a few seconds

During the few seconds between you deleting the mail and Evo
resynchronising with the server, the mail is marked as deleted (as it
should be) and the mail shows up in Trash.  After the sync takes place,
the "deleted" mail doesn't  have the "deleted" flag on it, hence it
doesn't now appear in Trash.  The appearance to you is that the mail is
suddenly removed from the Trash virtual folder.

 (yet is still available via "Bin").

Are you saying the mail you deleted *does* end up in "Bin"?

Ironically, right-clicking on "Trash" gives me an option to "Empty
Trash", despite nothing staying there for more than a second or two.

"Empty Trash" = IMAP purge messages marked as deleted from the server.
It's a server function, not a client one - and presumably Gmail just
ignores it.

Any thoughts?

Yes, Google shouldn't try and re-invent email.

And you should read the link given by Patrick


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