[Evolution] Lost Mail Filters

Hi Kip,

I was just reading your message to the evolution list dated 2010-12-01
saying you had lost all your mail filters when upgrading evolution, but
there were no replies posted (to the list anyway). I just had the same
problem myself, except I lost all the mail too. You probably have either
figured it out by now or have recreated all of the filters you once had,
but for others like me who were looking around online for help, this is
what I found:

my old version of evolution apparently was keeping mail inside
~/.local/share/evolution/mail (and other evolution stuff in there with
the mail/ directory), and configuration files in .config/evolution

I'm using Gentoo and I updated to 2.32.1, but found that Jean-Yves Mail
Notification plugin no longer worked or was recognized, and I can't live
without that, so I went back down to 2.30.2. Version 2.32.1 recognized
all the mail and I don't know about the filters because I didn't check
that, but after downgrading back to 2.30.2, all the mail was gone as
well as filters, saved searches, and vfolders. 

Restoring the mail was a simple as moving the mail/ directory under
~/.local/share/evolution to ~/.evolution, and I'm guessing that
everything else under ~/.local/share/evolution should also be moved
over, which I did, but I don't really use the other stuff. To get the
filters, vfolders, and saved searches back, I copied
{filters,searches,vfolders}.xml from ~/.config/evolution/mail to
~/.evolution/mail (not into ~/.evolution/mail/config), and then all was

Hope this helps someone... it took a long time to find the
~/.local/share/evolution directory.


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