Re: [Evolution] Syncing Evolution to my malboxes ... correctly

On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 17:01 +0200, Jeremy Nell wrote: 
Apple Mail has pretty polished polished IMAP support.

Except that it *still* doesn't support folder subscriptions (a required
part of the IMAP standard), and is thus unusable for many people. I gave
up on Apple Mail on my Macbook Pro as soon as I discovered that, and
installed Thunderbird.

  Unless I'm doing
something wrong, Evolution is less polished.

In terms of IMAP support, I strongly doubt that, though Apple Mail may
have a more polished user interface.

For example, I've set up Evo to send and receive mail via my Gmail
account.  Once I did that, it created a section underneath "On This
Computer" called "Gmail", including an inbox and my Gmail labels (as
folders).  It even included a folder tree called Google Mail (with All
mail, Sent, etc).

I use Gmail for sending and receiving, with IMAP, and that's not what
I'm seeing. If you have folder tree under "On This Computer", it
strongly suggests that you're using Gmail via POP, not IMAP.

I'd like my mail to arrive in my inbox (On This Computer) like in Apple
Mail.  Right now, I have two inboxes in the sidebar.  

POP accounts leave their mail under "On This Computer". IMAP accounts
have separate trees. If you want to use IMAP, that's what you're going
to get by default. Of course you could set up filters to move everything
into "On This Computer", or (perhaps easier) use a search folder that
covers the accounts you want.


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