[Evolution] Upgrade from old version loss calendar and addressbook

Hi all

I installed a fresh Fedora 14 with Evolution 2.32.1
I copied my home directory and started evolution that was 2.24.5 from
fedora 10

I worked because evo started and I found all my mails.
But I seen that one of my calendar was not imported.
I tried to import my old .ics files, but evo crashed everytime.
So I splitted the file in some little files and I found that a
particular event generated the crash.

So my first question is, how can i submit a bug to developers?

The event contain the string

SUMMARY:Brocade Networking Tour <92>09 <96> Milano
where <92> and <96> I think are unicode char.

From the command line by which I launch the evolution I receive these messages:

Removing the entire event and imported the calendar in a new calendar was ok, but now I can't delete the old 
wrong calendar.
(evolution:28524): libecal-WARNING **: Cannot get cal from factory: No backend factory for 'file' of 'VEVENT'
(evolution:28524): calendar-gui-CRITICAL **: load_cal_source_thread: assertion `cal != NULL' failed
(evolution:28524): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_ref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
(evolution:28524): calendar-modules-CRITICAL **: cal_shell_sidebar_default_loaded_cb: assertion `E_IS_CAL 
(client)' failed
(evolution:28524): libecal-WARNING **: Cannot get cal from factory: No backend factory for 'file' of 'VEVENT'
(evolution:28524): calendar-modules-CRITICAL **: action_calendar_delete_cb: assertion `client != NULL' failed

Another similar problem is that evo can't load some addressbook
For example I receive the message
(evolution:28524): evolution-mail-WARNING **: search_address_in_addressbooks: Unable to create addressbook 
'Fuffa': Invalid source

But I can't remember these messages. i think they appeared after some crashes.

How can I delete all about addressbooks and calendar leaving the other things OK?

Tnx in advance

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