Re: [Evolution] evolution zimbra connector - Caldav

as Pete said, please do not top-post to this list.


OK, this is quite confusing, your initial mail says about syncing
calendar through CalDAV and this one is about creating events in this
CalDAV. These are two different things. Please be accurate.

ok, I got two different problems:

With caldav in evolution I cannot see any event the caldav calendar nor
I can add an event.

With "on the web" type calendar in evolution I can only see existing
events ("on the web" calendars are always read only) added through the
zimbra web interface.

Using caldav and sunbird all is working smoothly (with the same

By any chance, is it a Yahoo! CalDAV server you've an issue with?

no, I got this problem on two indipendent Zimbra 6 installation.

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