Re: [Evolution] Searching emails?

On Thu, 2011-02-24 at 09:31 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote: 
Any suggestions? I want a fully indexed search and would like to be able
to specify all the "common" attributes.
I'm quite surprised that "Advanced Search" in Evo can't be manipulated
to do what you want - it may not be a regex search, but it's indexed and
seems to be of an acceptable speed.
The other alternative is to use something like Beagle - that will index
Evo messages (and just about everything else on your computer) - and in
the process suck all your CPU time and memory :-)

This isn't true.

Either the (a) "process suck all your CPU time and memory" or the (b)
"will index Evo messages".

(a) Early versions of Beagle had resource management issues and Mono was
still *very* young.  Later versions were efficient and fast;  but people
just wouldn't let go of their earlier impressions.

(b) Beagle has not been updated to index messages from Evo since Evo
changed its storage format.   There *has been* threads on the Beagle
mailing list about this *very* recently.  Claims that Beagle is no
longer developed are somewhat exaggerated.

Beagle isn't the only search tool/indexer, and it's use seems to be
declining in recent years, but I *know* it will index Evo messages.

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