Re: [Evolution] External Expunge Command?

On Wed, 2011-02-09 at 14:31 +0000, Anthony Kavanagh wrote:
Does anyone know how to make evolution automatically expunge.

Not that I know of. Note however that technically all Evo is doing is to
tell the IMAP server to expunge. You could in principle have a separate
program do that periodically if you wanted. Probably fairly easy using
the Perl IMAP library (not that I'm offering :-)

Currently to delete my emails from my imap server I have to select the
account, right-click on "Deleted Items" and select "Empty deleted
items". This works a treat but I have a lot of email traffic with
attachments and very little storage at work hence I have to click to
empty every 5 minutes. 

I just use CTRL-E, so no clicking is required. Configure Evo to not
require confirmation and you're all set.


PS Not important in this instance, but remember to mention your version
of Evo when asking questions (Help->About).

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