Re: [Evolution] "Mark unread" + "Mark read" toggling probs in 2.32.2. Is it still happening in 3.0.x or 3.1.x?

* message should end as unbolded / marked as read.
What happens in 2.32.2:
* message ends as unread / bolded. It appears the message state can only
be toggled manually once.

It only happens when you open a message in a separate window.

Also, if you go to Message -> Mark As... on the message window, the
"Read" and "Unread" menu items never change activation - i.e. "Read" is
always greyed out and "Unread" is always active if the message was
marked as read when it is opened. (And vice-versa if the message was
marked as unread when opened.)  This effectively means you can ONLY mark
a read message as unread from within the message window (and, of course,

It works as expected from the mail list window, even if the message is
open in another window, so I suspect that it's to do with updating the
menu structure in the message window to reflect the real state of the
message in the mail store.


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