Re: [Evolution] Error message and unclickable links

On Fri, 2010-10-15 at 12:41 +1000, Jill Gillmore wrote:
I'm running Mint (Isadora) ...

what is the Evolution version there, please?

However, since installing, I have had two problems:

(1) On-screen error message every time I start-up:
[An error has occurred while loading the mailboxes configuration:
On line 3: property "folder-name" has no value]

Hmm, that's new to me, never saw that before.

(2) When I click on hyperlinks in mails they refuse to open in my
browser (Firefox or Seamonkey).

Be sure you've also installed proper version of gvfs (compatible with
your glib). Without it the opening doesn't work. Then make sure you've
properly registered an http:// handler, as Evolution is using the one
configured for Gnome. Also follow:

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