[Evolution] connection to exchange server via evolution-mapi


My question relates to how to connect evolution mailer to WORK PLACE
Exchange 2007 via evolution-mapi at home.

I have fedora 13 on both the office PC (WORK PLACE) and a laptop. Both
use evolution
as the native linux mailer (with evolution-mapi installed), and outlook
on Windows XP (as guest machine on VirtualBox on fedora 13) as
alternative mailer.

Months ago, it was impossible to connect evolution to WORK exchange 2007.
I use outlook at the XP guest machine.  With the latest versions of
evolution and evolution-mapi. I can easily connect evolution (at office)
to WORK PLACE exchange server. The mail and contacts work well. Both evolution
and outlook (on XP Guest PC) on the laptop can connect to the WORK PLACE
exchange AT OFFICE too.

However, when I connected the laptop to internet AT HOME (adsl2+), the
outlook (on XP guest) can connect to WORK PLACE exchange server. Unfortunately,
when I try to connect evolution to the WORK PLACE Exchange server, I
always failed
at authentication.

The same settings for the outlook and evolution of the laptop, outlook
works ok at both office and home, evolution works at office, but failed
at home.

anyone have suggestion for me

best regards
Linux Toys

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