[Evolution] Problem with one of my CalDav calendars


I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 + evolution 2.28.3

I have recently reported this bug:


From the body:

I have two caldav calendars, one works and the other one doesn't work.

When I open up Evolution it can take minutes before the one that doesn't
work show any entries.

When I try to add a entry to the one that doesn't work Evolution hangs
for a long time (5 minutes?) and then I get 'Unknown error'.

Adding to the other calendar works fine.

Both of them are google and I have the same settings:

caldav://www.google.com/calendar/dav/MY USERNAME gmail com/events

[x] ssl
[x] offline

The one that doesn't work is also my default.

If I try to delete the calendar that doesn't work it hangs Evolution.

Did the following to get some more debug info:

export CALDAV_DEBUG=all
evolution --force-shutdown
/usr/lib/evolution/evolution-data-server-2.28 >evolution-data-server.log
2>&1 &

(started evolution, tried to add an entry to my calendar that has
problems, waited a couple of minutes)

evolution --force-shutdown


There is also an attached file with debug info,
evolution-data-server.log .

Is this enough information to submit this to Bugzilla?


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