Re: [Evolution] add "Attachment Reminer" feature into Evolution

If not, I want this feature as an idea for gnome to participate in the
SummerOfCoder2010 (please refer to )

If you're looking for ideas of things to implement in Evo, that have not
been implemented, have not had any devs indicate it's on their radar,
don't have any patches, but which are in the bug tracking system, do
have one or more duplicates (or comments from people indicating it
affects them too), and would be a noticeable usability improvement for
end users, then _perhaps_ one or more of these items could maybe be
better candidates :
* Undo for tasks, notes and appointments -
* drag & drop for moving events in the calendar month view (and other
views) -
* Images very slow to display -

I need a mentor to help me.
Is there anyone who want to be a mentor to help me?

More than what to do, finding someone who has the technical ability +
knowledge of process + motivational willingness + spare capacity to
provide this is going your biggest hurdle, I suspect. Maybe have a chat
to the devs on IRC - both about the mentoring aspect, and what would
make a good project?

-- All the best,

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