Re: [Evolution] Message size threshold for download?

On Sun, 2010-03-21 at 09:46 -0700, FrankK wrote:
kmail also has a preferred text editor option. It will invoke OOwriter, but
doesn't accept the formatted output.

The feature set I use from the word processor is very limited, but addictive
to use. It may be simpler for an email client enhance its formatting
features rather than provide the interface to a word processor.

For the record my formatting feature set includes: auto completion,
correction, capitalization, grammar as well as spelling check and paragraph
styles. Paragraph styles include fonts and line to line spacing.

I don't have a good feel for the complexity involved with say paragraph
styles and grammar check. If these features were added to Evo for example,
would that make Evo a word processor? Heboland

The trouble with all this is that means the people who receive your mail
also have to be able to interpret it, and with some guarantee of seeing
the same results. MS can do this by forcing everyone to use Outlook and
Word (and those who don't are simply declared "non-standard"), but
that's not feasible in an open environment. The existing Rich Text
facilities may cover some of what you want (have you tried them?) but
adding more and more functionality to the composer is a mug's game.
Where does it all end?


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