Re: [Evolution] Message size threshold for download?

On Sat, 2010-03-20 at 18:26 -0700, Frank K wrote:

Rather than ask for an enhancement, I represent too small a group of users to be catered to! Men will walk 
on Mars before I have access to anything but dial-up here. My friends in town with DSL quickly forget what 
it's like to have a 2MB "plug" in the message stream.

Dial-up is too unreliable to deal with email online, so messages have to be downloaded sequentially. Once I 
had a technical career, so I remember how the project leader choses the feature list. It's all a matter of 

I agree actually. My DSL line is only 1Mbps and I definitely notice when
some idiot sends a huge PowerPoint attachment that I almost certainly am
not going to read. Judicious use of Ctrl-M (View->Show Message Preview)
can sometimes help, but you need to be on your toes.

One feature that would merit an enhancement request in my opinion leaves me uncertain regarding who to ask 
it of. Only Microsoft Outlook allows the use of a word processor (Word) to function as it's email composer. 
OOwriter is a great word processor that can now send it's documents as email attachments

Will OpenOffice evolve their own email client, or would evolution be interested in developing a word 
processor interface? Even if such development happened before men walk on Mars, I'll need that size 

Two points here:

1) Given your desire for more bandwidth efficiency, I'd have thought it
somewhat counterproductive to ask for a word processor as composer. If
your message is complex enough for a word processor, use a word
processor and attach the document. If it's not, use plain text and save
everyone a lot of pain.

2) Despite the above, there have been calls for Evo to allow "composer
hooks", so an Emacs fan for example can use Emacs and a Vi fan can use
Vi. There's been some movement on this but I couldn't say if it's likely
to be available soon. Presumably one could specify OOo Writer in such a
future version, and suffer the consequences.


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