Re: [Evolution] Message size threshold for download?

Thanks Patrick,

On 03/20/2010 10:34 AM, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Fri, 2010-03-19 at 23:52 -0700, FrankK wrote:
New list member with a simple question to ask.
Does Evolution have a setting to filter the download size of a message?

I'm asking this because I don't think it does! Almost every email client but
Outlook Express has a size setting that causes message headers only to be
downloaded for messages larger than the threshold.

In a fresh openSuse 11.2 install, I'm still looking for the right email
client. Since I have already uninstalled Evolution, I don't know what
version came on my 11.2 DVD.

I thought I looked Evolution over closely, but never found such a setting.
Did I miss it?
No, it's not there.

Feel free to ask for and enhancement at If
you do, post the report number here so otyhers can comment.


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This is probably the only pair of messages I need to exchange on this list. Last week I sent a similar 
message as a guest with the same user handle, but never got a response.

Rather than ask for an enhancement, I represent too small a group of users to be catered to! Men will walk on Mars 
before I have access to anything but dial-up here. My friends in town with DSL quickly forget what it's like to have a 
2MB "plug" in the message stream.

Dial-up is too unreliable to deal with email online, so messages have to be downloaded sequentially. Once I 
had a technical career, so I remember how the project leader choses the feature list. It's all a matter of 

For me the sour grapes with my openSuse 11.2 install is to choose the least worse email client. Thunderbird 
is ahead so far. It has some warts for me so far, like not providing a mouse selectable address book on a 
forwarded message, and it can't reply to an icrediemail message!

These warts may yet turn out to be operator errors on my part, but they are of less consequence to me than 
the download threshold.

One feature that would merit an enhancement request in my opinion leaves me uncertain regarding who to ask it 
of. Only Microsoft Outlook allows the use of a word processor (Word) to function as it's email composer. 
OOwriter is a great word processor that can now send it's documents as email attachments

Will OpenOffice evolve their own email client, or would evolution be interested in developing a word 
processor interface? Even if such development happened before men walk on Mars, I'll need that size threshold!

Patrick, list, thanks for your indulgence! Heboland

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