Re: [Evolution] handling multiple mail accounts

Originally my email was set up as a POP3 account, and I was happy.

Then I learned that an IMAP account would make integration with my
iPhone a better experience. 

So I deleted my POP3 account and recreated it as an IMAP account.

The problem is my email no longer goes into my original Inbox. A
seperate folder appears at the same level as the Inbox and I now have
duplicate copies of recent emails and all my new mail goes to this new
folder rather than "my Inbox" where I want it to go.

I just want my email to go into the one set of folders I already have
defined. I have a lot of rules defined for the previous folders.

That's not how IMAP works.  Your original Inbox is actually on your own
computer - with POP the mail is downloaded and put into that Inbox.
With IMAP the mail is held on a server elsewhere and so it would be
"wrong" to display mail in the Inbox that is on your computer.

The reason the mails are duplicated is that you had probably set the POP
config to "leave mail on server" so the IMAP connection is now seeing
all the mail that you have left on the server.

You can set up a rule/filter on the IMAP Inbox to copy any incoming mail
to you local Inbox - but that is going to be fraught with problems if
you have multiple devices connecting to your Inbox (if your iPhone sees
an email before Evo, it won't be moved) and to be honest it doesn't
really give you any of the advantages that IMAP has over POP.

The advantages of using IMAP in conjunction with mobile devices is
enormous - if only for the benefit of keeping everything in sync.  It
really probably would be worthwhile sitting down and modifying your
rules to take account of IMAP.  A few hours pain for a lifetime of
gain :-)


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