Re: [Evolution] Schedule a filter?

Do I really have MANUALLY go to EVERY single folder that I have,
highlight all and click on Message->Apply Filters?

No.  Filters are applied to all messages that are 'New'.  And 'New'
means messages that have not been seen by any mail program.  You only
need to manually run the filters if you are trying to filter messages
that have already been 'seen'.  And the best way to do it is Ctrl-A

That is INSANE!

Calm down - it's only an email program.

And there is NO Empty Trash filter?

Why would you want an Empty Trash Filter?  A filter acts on a message
and files it some place or something - how can or should a filter action
trigger the emptying of a Trash?

Evolution should have a scheduling facility.  I'm not talking about
calendars for meetings and people.  I'm talking about running filters
and empty trash and other jobs automatically.  You use the word
"automatic" in the Help text about filters, but they are NOT REALLY
automatic if I have to stand on my head and hold my breath to use them. 

Why should I want to schedule a filter - once I have performed an action
on a mailbox (such as move or tag messages) I don't really want to do it
again on the messages, ever.

Filters are disappointing if you cannot schedule them.  And they are
TEDIOUS if I have to go to every folder (including Trash) and apply the
filters (and Empty Trash)

I think you need to be aware of what a "Trash" folder is - it's not a
real folder, it's just a virtual folder of all the messages that have
been marked as being deleted in an account.  As such applying filters to
a trash folder is fairly meaningless.  You can expunge a folder such as
an Inbox by doing Ctrl-E - this will get rid of the deleted messages in
that folder.  You can also do File->Empty Trash which expunges all
folders.  Expunging or deleting the messages in a Trash folder is also
meaningless as it is not a real folder.


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