[Evolution] Evolution 2.28.0 namespace

Hi everybody,

I'm evaluating Evolution to switch our company over from Thunderbird and
have run into a weird namespace issue. I have two mailservers
configured, a Kerio Connect 7 Groupware-Server and a Cyrus IMAP server.
The folder list for these two looks as follows:

[-] db
[-] Drafts
[+] Mailing Lists
  [-] bugzilla
  [-] evolution
  [-] gnome
  [-] sabayon
[-] server
[-] Sent
... etc.

  [-] Drafts
  [+] Private
    [-] eBay
    [-] NNBF
  [-] Sent
  [+] Work
    [-] Planet 3DNow!
    [-] PCGH
... etc.

I want the Kerio list because that what it's always been like in
Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. Only Evolution doesn't
seem to be able to do this. If I activate "override server namespace"
and set it to "INBOX." the way it's set in Thunderbird all folders

Thus, my question is quite simple: how do I get Evolution to display my
folders not as subfolders of INBOX but as folders alongside INBOX?


Rieke Computersysteme GmbH
Hellerholz 5
D-82061 Neuried
Email: martin rhm de

HRB Muenchen 73617

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